Testimonial for Magento work. We can launch your E-commerce portal just in a week team is working with Magento clients and implemented multi-vendor sites, we are glad to share testimonial for our recent Magento work. Magento team did following work: Move Magento site to new server Implemented registration workflow Fixed page layout issues Product search issue Vendor registration form Are you looking Magento developers in DFW TX? … Continue reading Testimonial for Magento work. We can launch your E-commerce portal just in a week


How to market your business for online users

* Register site to local classified and yellow pages * Google ad words * Collect emails and send regular news letter or discount offer letter * Create blog site in WordPress and update contents in 2-3 days * Add your school link to various sites * Add links into your pages for related keywords … Continue reading How to market your business for online users

Information Technology Security Concerns

Security concerns remain in the forefront of Information Technology  issues.  Recent news stories again emphasize the importance of consulting with expert professionals.  Suppliers of E-commerce solutions for business and consumers need to be aware of the ongoing security issues and concerns. First true SCADA-specific malware detected Scott McPherson    July 22, 2010 2 comments TAGS:ACADA, enterprise, … Continue reading Information Technology Security Concerns

Malware and Internet Security

Security on the Internet remains an important issue as our global economy continues to rely on E-commerce.  Every business solution for software or website design must utilize a plan to prevent malicious software(malware) from invading.  No one is immune from attacks by malware. Malware From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Malware, short for malicious software, is … Continue reading Malware and Internet Security

Web Analytics for E-Business

Compiling statistics and evaluating each web-page visit is essential due to enormous competition for E-Business.  Each visitor is a potential customer.  Every business needs a way to acquire the data, arrange the information in clear terms, and create customized reports. Many options are available and numerous product variables affect the choice to obtain maximum results.  … Continue reading Web Analytics for E-Business