Junk/old car value by using NADA SOAP web services into longjump platform

SNSsystem.com developed "SOAP" client to call nada.org SOAP web services to get car makes/model/series/year and then get the approximate price for a car. This service can also provide car value based on VIN no. This development is done on longjump's cloud platform. If you are looking for any SOAP web services, please contact us at … Continue reading Junk/old car value by using NADA SOAP web services into longjump platform


Malware and Internet Security

Security on the Internet remains an important issue as our global economy continues to rely on E-commerce.  Every business solution for software or website design must utilize a plan to prevent malicious software(malware) from invading.  No one is immune from attacks by malware. Malware From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Malware, short for malicious software, is … Continue reading Malware and Internet Security

Debate on Content Management Systems

Decisions, decisions….  Our lives are full of them. Currently the debate to decide which CMS  (Content Management System) to use is at the forefront of e-business management.  The competition for search engine ratings is the driving force ... “Game On.” From my point of view,  it appears Drupal is the leading favorite in CMS website design. Drupal is … Continue reading Debate on Content Management Systems

SNS System Launched MLM software services for Rainingluck.com

SNS System is leading MLM software services provider in India. SNS System understand client requirement and customize as per client specific requirements.

SNS Launch SEO Services

SEO Consulting Improve Search Engine Ranking, Drastically Increase Traffic, Increase Profit From Your Site. SNSsystem provide SEO Services for companies of all sizes. Snssystem Proviedes SEO consulting Services for Joomla, Drupal, WordPress. SEO services for Joomla, SEO Services for WordPress, SEO services for Drupal.

Software Consulting services

Welcome to the SNS Consultancy Services. We are a top notch enterprise solution provider in India. We render all sorts of Placement Consultancy, Corporate Training Services, Enterprise Solution and Network Consulting Services in all over India. We also offer entire range of solutions for Information Technology and HRM sector including IT services and enterprise empowerment. … Continue reading Software Consulting services