is helping to retain your clients

Retaining to the client is a key challenge in today's growing competition. team is helping by keeping your name in front of their eyes and showing them that you consider them as a valuable client. Business corporate gifts could be used for customer loyalty programs, to reward clients for their business and cooperation. This is … Continue reading is helping to retain your clients


Are you looking to send gift 2 India? has been started with a vision to provide quality gift delivery in India. It is business to business and business to consumer portal. If you would like to send a gift to India, you can not find better quality and low price than If you would like to start a portal, we can provide technical … Continue reading Are you looking to send gift 2 India? Testimonial for Magento work. We can launch your E-commerce portal just in a week team is working with Magento clients and implemented multi-vendor sites, we are glad to share testimonial for our recent Magento work. Magento team did following work: Move Magento site to new server Implemented registration workflow Fixed page layout issues Product search issue Vendor registration form Are you looking Magento developers in DFW TX? … Continue reading Testimonial for Magento work. We can launch your E-commerce portal just in a week

Information Technology Security Concerns

Security concerns remain in the forefront of Information Technology  issues.  Recent news stories again emphasize the importance of consulting with expert professionals.  Suppliers of E-commerce solutions for business and consumers need to be aware of the ongoing security issues and concerns. First true SCADA-specific malware detected Scott McPherson    July 22, 2010 2 comments TAGS:ACADA, enterprise, … Continue reading Information Technology Security Concerns

Malware and Internet Security

Security on the Internet remains an important issue as our global economy continues to rely on E-commerce.  Every business solution for software or website design must utilize a plan to prevent malicious software(malware) from invading.  No one is immune from attacks by malware. Malware From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Malware, short for malicious software, is … Continue reading Malware and Internet Security

Web Analytics for E-Business

Compiling statistics and evaluating each web-page visit is essential due to enormous competition for E-Business.  Each visitor is a potential customer.  Every business needs a way to acquire the data, arrange the information in clear terms, and create customized reports. Many options are available and numerous product variables affect the choice to obtain maximum results.  … Continue reading Web Analytics for E-Business