Why someone should work with SNS:

Why someone  should work with SNS:

in SNS is challenging and rewarding. Lot of people like to work in
start up. A employee is not employee in start up, he is part of org and
consider as part of group, employee can take pride on group success
that you was founder of group when group grows from A->Z. I am sure
whoever involve they must be happy with the growth of market reach and
increasing client base.

  • Exciting challenges. One of the biggest thrills of
    working for a SNS  is being part of a team that is
    constantly striving to improve the quality and looking for growth. Sometimes the
    goals are even loftier and are fueled by a drive to become the leader
  • Closeness. In our group, employees are often more like a family than merely a group
    of coworkers. When you’re as friendly with who is leading the group  as you are with the
    person sitting next to you, you feel a strong sense of togetherness and
    purpose that larger, more hierarchical companies often lack.
  • Skill-building opportunities. Employees to this group
    tend to have more varied duties, which can mean a chance to develop a
    host of valuable new skills. One day you may be designing a product,
    the next day closing a sales deal. It’s up to you to seize the many
    challenges and opportunities that come your way in such a fluid
    environment. You can take a example of Adesh here, who could manage to learn many thing in last 1.5 year.
  • Big risks, big rewards.
    There is definitely a
    trade-off between risk and reward when working to SNS. If the
    company is successful and goes public, you can make a lot of money.
    Our bonuses are based on sales, and will be project based. We are
    offering creative perks to our employees. We are heading to create
    project based bonus, when we finalize Warehouse or HMS and as we make
    progress we will assign dividend for each employee based on their
    involvement.  It will simply handle by creating a ledger for each
    project and how much we are spending than rest will be distributed
    based on employee, client and investor involvement.   We will have
    investor for each project, as some of you know we already have investor
    for Warehouse project, we will be looking same for HMS and Linux work.
  • Chance to grow faster than big Org.
    Working in a SNS with
    huge growth potential can be very rewarding. SNS will offer things that
    larger ones cannot in near future, such as the chance to expand and
    advance with the company and the chance to play a central role in the
    growth of the business.
  • Sense of pride. When you see
    SNS >100 people group,  making changes in the life of people who
    could not see the sun and SNS is showing them the thing which was
    impossible for them without your help, you can take pride in the SNS
    success and the
    role that you played. You can take main example here Anurag, Anil,
    Pradeep and many more you will see as they approach to our door.

SNS will agree there is certainly risk but if you can afford the risk than gain is bigger than ris