The Ultimate Guide to Streamlining Custom Zoho CRM Operations Lifecycle Management

What is Zoho CRM and How Can It Help Businesses Manage Their Operations?

Zoho CRM features to capture leads from websites or social media sources and track them by sending follow-up emails automatically. It helps to convert website visitors to potential buyers. It allows you to manage your client’s accounts by creating a common database that can be accessed from anywhere.

Understanding the Different Phases of the Custom Zoho CRM Operations Lifecycle

Understanding the different phases of a custom Zoho CRM operations lifecycle is essential for businesses looking to maximize their customer experience. Through each phase, from planning and implementation to optimization and maintenance, organizations can ensure their customers get the best possible service. By understanding the different phases of a custom Zoho CRM operations lifecycle, companies can better plan, execute and maintain their customer relationship management processes. 

Tools & Strategies to Automate and Streamline the Custom Zoho CRM Operations Lifecycle

  • Customized Workflows

ZOHO CRM makes the flow of tasks, documents, and information across work-related activities to perform independently and as per predefined client specifications.

  • Zoho CRM Sales Stages Customization

SNS System can help you to create and customize Sales stages, and define different steps such as Lead Generation, Lead Qualification, and Customer Support in the sales process. From Research, Prospecting, Needs Assessment, Pitching, Objection Handling, and Closing to Follow-Ups, each sales stage provides a detailed description of your prospects and customers. Our ZOHO experts will help you to map them and identify the performance of a sales pitch or chances of converting a prospect into a customer.

How to Measure Key Performance Indicators of Your Custom Zoho CRM Operations Lifecycle Performance?

ZOHO CRM tracks your key performance indicators. It lets you choose from different types of KPIs based on your industry requirements—Standard, Growth Index, Basic, Scorecard, and Ranking.

  • Measure specific areas of productivity.

You can measure specific areas of productivity that you’d like to monitor, and keep an eye on them.

  • Compare your performance to a previous period.

Visualize how your KPIs are performing by comparing the current numbers to a previous time period. For example—how much did the revenue generated from Google Adwords this year stack up to last year’s revenue? 

  • Identify the best and least performing entities by rank.

 Rank your metrics based on various criteria for you to choose from. This helps you identify the top-performing and lowest-performing entities. For example, the top ten sales reps who closed the most deals in the past month, or the five poorest performing accounts in the last quarter.

Best Practices and Implementation of Custom ZOHO CRM

SNS System is a Frisco, TX-based Zoho CRM consulting company that provides customized Zoho CRM support, custom configuration, and implementation. As a Zoho Authorized Partner, we apply Best Practices. We can help your business to customize and implement ZOHO CRM as per your organization’s specifications. Call us today for a free one-hour consultation to assess your existing process and improve your operations.