ZOHO and RingCentral Fax integration

Client was looking to integrate RingCentral Fax with ZOHO.

We reviewed requirements and integrated RingCentral Fax with ZOHO CRM.

Concern and issue:

Client was working with some other developer since last 3 months and could not make progress at all.

Myself and team jumped on task and setup basic FAX integration within 2 days and then integrated required form as per client requirements within a week.

We reviewed ZOHO CRM implementation, suggested to get ZOHO creator account, Created PDF and integrated with ZOHO Leads.

Please see this video for our work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1Nu4HC7BgI

If you are looking Fax integration with ZOHO, please feel free to contact us.

Visit us: http://www.snssystem.com