SNSSystem offered online to personalize marketing for small companies

SNSSystem offered online to personalize marketing for small companies, who can not afford a dedicated team member. When we  takes full responsibility and consider that we are investing into business and money is going from our pocket than we put our best effort to bring product in market. We used step by step process to launch products to market.

How many click are converting into sale? We may need your help to see if sales has been increased.
What you are doing to get more business from existing clients?
Do you collect data from some other sources like through email/survey etc?
Are you using CRM and automatic followup or manual followup marketing?
If we are getting some client and just able to recover google adword investment then it is okay to keep it.
If we do not get much input from google adwords then we should pause and start focusing on CRM and personalize based marketing, here is how it works :
           – Get all your current client/contacts in CRM
           – Get their feedback once in month [ Frequency depend on market to market ]
           – Collect contact through site/survey/phone call, enter those in CRM
           – Send at least weekly news letter for all all clients who are in CRM
If you are already doing then you are in good shape and you just need to track better and have consistent improvement.