Data Management Solutions

(Data Migration, Translation, Mediation)

“Data is only as good as the last update.”

The ever-evolving and resource-hungry demands of business has made portability, high availability, disaster recovery and redundancy a necessity. Data migration, application portability are required during up-scaling of infrastructure to enhance bandwidth of growth and more efficient methods of data capture and analysis.

SNS Systems has proved to its existing customers its expertise in implementing data management solutions using migration and data administration tools. We work with major data products in the industry including SQL, Oracle, Access etc. We have gone to the grass roots level to help customers pass through the transformation and roll-over phases with minimum downtime.

Our employees have the technical expertise and dedication to work through the entire project cycle without allowing the client to face the challenges of resource and time management.

We have competently resolved and designed data solutions for our customers in the avenues of:

1. Data and application performance management
2. Capacity planning and management
3. Data backup and recovery – regular and disaster
4. High Availability

Reflecting back on the opening statement, data – the most critical component of any business – is as relevant as its current status. Our data-centric services will provide intelligent services and methodologies suited to your particular needs, towards efficiency and profitability.

One of our most prestigious customers is the American Heart Association. We have developed a long term relationship with them following our committed execution/completion of projects. One of the other customers that we are working on a continuous basis right now is the Fitco Corporation.

Gopi Panchanathan
SNS Systems