Belleza Event party hall with movie theater in Garland, TX – A well decorated party hall for your birthday, graduation, marriage parties.

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SNS System is developing a web site for Belleza Event Party hall, If you are looking party hall for your birthday, new year, marriage functions. Please  call us at 214-738-5657, we are offering lowest rate, you can compare our party hall and services with party hall in Garland, TX.


Joomla Migration services, we can migrate Joomla 1.5 site to Joomla 1.7/2.5/3.0

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SNS system team is working more than 10 Joomla migration every week, we will be glad to estimate your existing Joomla site and can provide estimate to you. We guaranty of our services. If we can predict time than we will take on fix cost basis otherwise we will divide project in milestone and will charge as we move on.

Joomla 1.5 is not secured and can be hacked easily, If we do not migrate Joomla 1.5 now than it may be tough to migrate if we do not have migrate path.

Please visit us at, submit a request online.

CloudFiler Security Gateway

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SNS Successfully completed Boomzip project work for its product Cloudfiler.

The BoomZip CloudFiler™ is a cloud storage gateway. It hosts a virtual filesystem which automatically mirrors customer’s data to a cloud provider (i.e Amazon S3, Rackspace, etc). It de-duplicates data with near line-speed encryption and writes to the cloud using a proprietary algorithm.

CloudFiler Features:

•The CloudFiler™ allows you to back-up your corporate computing environment in an easy manner because it just appears as an NFS/CIFS mount on your network .

•The CloudFiler™ offers asynchronous capabilities with increased performance for faster data backup than traditional tapes .
•The CloudFilerTM removes all your redundant data with its proprietary data de-duplication algorithm. This in turn helps you manage your storage space more efficiently .

SNSsystem launched mobile apps to interact with wordpress

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Our team recently developed a mobile apps for a client to interact with wordpress site. It has following features :

  • Mobiles apps can login to wordpress site
  • Post a new blog with image
  • View post
  • Comment

We are using REST API and RPC web services to accomplish this.

Let us know if you would need any help in mobile apps and wordpress integration. Please call us at – 214-872-7206, visit us

Elance top rated software service provider

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SNSSystem has presence on Elance since August 2009, and has provided quality services to various Elance clients. Our client return ratio is 100%. We are able to keep clients o long term basis. Visit to our Elance profile to see complete profile. testimonial for database design work

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Our satisfied client feel happy to share their feelings: team and processes

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Tags: , , , , , , , , , has exceptional team and processes in place to deliver quality solution to their clients. We always try to do best for team and give them open field to do their best. We analyze carefully, how individual are performing and in which area they are contributing more. Our process to trained new resources and providing them open field are helping to energize our team and helping them to deliver best quality customize software to our client. is well recognized company in CRM area and known for CRM. First day our team member start with basic CRM training.




SNSSystem offered online to personalize marketing for small companies

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SNSSystem offered online to personalize marketing for small companies, who can not afford a dedicated team member. When we  takes full responsibility and consider that we are investing into business and money is going from our pocket than we put our best effort to bring product in market. We used step by step process to launch products to market.

How many click are converting into sale? We may need your help to see if sales has been increased.
What you are doing to get more business from existing clients?
Do you collect data from some other sources like through email/survey etc?
Are you using CRM and automatic followup or manual followup marketing?
If we are getting some client and just able to recover google adword investment then it is okay to keep it.
If we do not get much input from google adwords then we should pause and start focusing on CRM and personalize based marketing, here is how it works :
           – Get all your current client/contacts in CRM
           – Get their feedback once in month [ Frequency depend on market to market ]
           – Collect contact through site/survey/phone call, enter those in CRM
           – Send at least weekly news letter for all all clients who are in CRM
If you are already doing then you are in good shape and you just need to track better and have consistent improvement.

SNS System testimonial video and Email images – Outsourcing partner for small and medium size company

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Competent Java/PHP/.NET resources, all under one roof

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Tags: , , , , , ,  providing competent resources in Java/PHP/.NET technologies, all under one roof. We provide full support from USA and India. If you are looking a partner to provide technical services,  you at right place. Lets start first step, we can provide first 2 hour free consulting for your data base design project.

Send a request to add  on skype , our skype id is – snssystem75035



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