We are top rated in freelancing community

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We are 1st place in “SEO Test“, “Twitter Bootstrap Test“, and “Upwork Readiness Test for Independent Contractors and Company Managers“.

Here is our list of completed tests:



QuickBook integration services – Indysoft to QuickBook exporter

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snssystem.com  team is working on exporting financial data from Indysoft to QuickBook, we read data from Indysoft SQL DB and then push data into QuickBook by using SOAP WSDL call.

Provided a GUI based exporter tool, which was displaying all open work orders which are ready for invoices, user can select invoices and export to QuickBook, and will get final invoice# from QuickBook and were updating to IndySoft WorkOrder table.

If you are using Indysoft calibration software and looking a migration tool, we can provide a customize solution to automate your process workflow.

Please see our QuickBook Integration services.

Detailed prototype design and user guide for

Indysoft to Quickbook exporter tool


Are you looking low cost and high quality small banking solution?

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Banking solution for Islamic Banks is not easy to find, cooperative society software (Team of entrepreneurs supported by snssystem.com).

Common banking solution features:

  • No interest calculation
  • Fully secured server
  • Encrypted database
  • Multi-language support
  • Accounting features

SNSSystem.com ERP solution has been deployed all across the India and looking partner in other countries. If you are willing to take our product in your country, please feel free to submit a partner request with SNSSystem.com.

Please see our recent post for Islamic Banking.


SNSsystem.com: Top visited site in India below 150K

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Our SEO efforts and best service in global market bringing visitors on snssystem.com.



Completed location based mobile apps delivery

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SNSsystem.com team is working on location based mobiles apps and Our team recently delivered 3 location-based Mobile Apps. If you are planning to launch Mobile App, our team can certainly help you deliver faster with the rich feature set in a very short time period.

We can integrate mobile app with any of following platforms:

  1. OFBiz ERP
  2. Java
  3. CodeIgniter
  4. CakePHP
  5. Magento CMS
  6. Joomla CMS
  7. WordPress
  8. PHP
  9. .NET

Feel free to call me at 214.499.0908 with your requirements.



Quality software delivery in .NET, PHP and Java technologies

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quality software delivery

Testimonial for certified Magento developers

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SNSsystem.com team is providing consistent service for Magento clients, we are providing service from multiple locations and making sure client get served in tough time. We are glad to share our best feedback ever.



Custom development for authorize.net and PayPal Gateway Integration

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E-commerce is the future and most of the traditional businesses are planning to launch E-commerce front for their business. Payment Gateway is a very critical part for any E-Commerce business as it has to deal with buyer’s personal information, if buyer do not feel safe to use their credit cards then they do not even re-visit the site.

When we launch E-Commerce portal, we must review and make sure E-Commerce satisfy very basic conditions, So visitor buy the products rather just visit and never re-visit:

  1. Portal is SSL secured
  2. It is PCI compliance
  3. Payment Gateway is integrated and has full check balance to make sure payment is done before order get placed
  4. Easy checkout or one click checkout

If you are looking a trusted partner for payment gateway integration then please visit http://landingpage.snssystem.com/Payment_Gateway_Integration/ or call 214.499.0908

Our development team and testing team will make sure we complete our job as per industry standard.


snssystem.com – Magento extension development for providing REST API interface

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SNSSystem team recently worked on syncing POS database to Magento Database,  team created Magento extension and added interface in POS code to import/export products, inventory and order data.


Customize Magento sync development

Customize Magento sync development

SNssystem.com – Our SEO efforts brings snssystem.com alexa ranking on top

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Our recent ranking





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