site completed by SNS System, Gwalior

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SNS System, Gwalior completed site. This site is focused to announce activities in IMA, Jhansi.

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SNS System, Gwalior completed site. It is one of the main client for SNS to offer web services.

RRBTT – An Innovation

Rakesh Remote Bone Transportation Technique (RRBTT): is a technique recently developed in Upchar Hospital by Dr. Rakesh Tripathi in the month of October 2005. So far 35 cases are been operated successfully with RRBTT method. This method is for BONE GRAFTING WITHOUGHT INCISION, Where bone is transported with out giving incision on skin. Till today this technique is not been done in the history of Orthopedic Surgery.

Why client should work with us:

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Why client should work with us:

SNS group is providing quality S/W for US and India clients, We are taking business at very low cost like some individual is doing project and providing quality like big corp.

We follow software development life cycle and go through requirement, design, development, test and implementation phase.

Our cost is low because we are not taking any profit from Indian market or even taking project at on cost because we would like to create a good team to handle off shore project.

So client is gaining lot while working with us. We are providing high quality low cost solution.

Or cost can be compare with very small org like a one person is running co but we provide reliability all the time. at this very low you always have guaranty to get support rather when you work with one person co and if he gets job than you can not maintain that software.

We added value for many Indian client, We could bring online to at very low cost. We always look win-win situation. Our first aim to satisfy client and than our business partners and employee. We believe in satisfying to client even we need to invest from our pocket.

Unfortunately, we gets sometime client where they want everything free and we become helpless because our goal is to satisfy our employee too and if we provide everything free than we can not satisfy our business partners and employee.

If you are on this page and reading these message, if you can work with us and have patient than it is our guaranty to you that we will not let you look back.

You are just paying for your work but gaining whole company to serve you and have alternate all the time.  You can not get better deal that this.

How we are doing?

It is very simple, we are not always looking money, we are looking with whom we are working, who are our client.  If clients are good, our whole team is ready to serve 24 hours a day.

Why we are doing this?

Our target to create volume based business and than generate money rather generate from each sale. We like to satisfy our client money than earn money rather just focus on money.

How you will identify that client is appreciating SNS work?

We ask our each team member to give 100% and when they join our team our first lesson goes that “Client is everything”, We need “client rather client need us”. We invest up to 25% from our pocket and client still do not satisfy, We assume that he is picky and he want everything without paying reasonable cost. We still support them if they give us enough time and support to win other client.

Visit us :

Why someone should work with SNS:

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Why someone  should work with SNS:

in SNS is challenging and rewarding. Lot of people like to work in
start up. A employee is not employee in start up, he is part of org and
consider as part of group, employee can take pride on group success
that you was founder of group when group grows from A->Z. I am sure
whoever involve they must be happy with the growth of market reach and
increasing client base.

  • Exciting challenges. One of the biggest thrills of
    working for a SNS  is being part of a team that is
    constantly striving to improve the quality and looking for growth. Sometimes the
    goals are even loftier and are fueled by a drive to become the leader
  • Closeness. In our group, employees are often more like a family than merely a group
    of coworkers. When you’re as friendly with who is leading the group  as you are with the
    person sitting next to you, you feel a strong sense of togetherness and
    purpose that larger, more hierarchical companies often lack.
  • Skill-building opportunities. Employees to this group
    tend to have more varied duties, which can mean a chance to develop a
    host of valuable new skills. One day you may be designing a product,
    the next day closing a sales deal. It’s up to you to seize the many
    challenges and opportunities that come your way in such a fluid
    environment. You can take a example of Adesh here, who could manage to learn many thing in last 1.5 year.
  • Big risks, big rewards.
    There is definitely a
    trade-off between risk and reward when working to SNS. If the
    company is successful and goes public, you can make a lot of money.
    Our bonuses are based on sales, and will be project based. We are
    offering creative perks to our employees. We are heading to create
    project based bonus, when we finalize Warehouse or HMS and as we make
    progress we will assign dividend for each employee based on their
    involvement.  It will simply handle by creating a ledger for each
    project and how much we are spending than rest will be distributed
    based on employee, client and investor involvement.   We will have
    investor for each project, as some of you know we already have investor
    for Warehouse project, we will be looking same for HMS and Linux work.
  • Chance to grow faster than big Org.
    Working in a SNS with
    huge growth potential can be very rewarding. SNS will offer things that
    larger ones cannot in near future, such as the chance to expand and
    advance with the company and the chance to play a central role in the
    growth of the business.
  • Sense of pride. When you see
    SNS >100 people group,  making changes in the life of people who
    could not see the sun and SNS is showing them the thing which was
    impossible for them without your help, you can take pride in the SNS
    success and the
    role that you played. You can take main example here Anurag, Anil,
    Pradeep and many more you will see as they approach to our door.

SNS will agree there is certainly risk but if you can afford the risk than gain is bigger than ris

Why Training with SNS System:

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Why Training with SNS System:
Dear All,
Make sure when some trainee comes we convey right message to them, We are not in training field. Our training is different from NIIT/Aptech or other institute.
We landed into training field when we could not find proper trained people in market, We saw many trainees comes from NIIT and other institute but they do not know the meaning of debugging or how to solve problems. So we thought to trained trainees as per our need. We try to hire them if they are good performer.
Our training are mainly focused on live project experiences, like what kind of problem we faced into project? How to debug issues? How to fix than how to test and deliver to client as final product?
It covers live experience of S/W development life cycle, How we gets requirement/design/develop/unit test/final test/implementation?
We will involve you one of our on-going project and show you what requirements we gets from client and how we did designing part than development/testing and successful delivery.
For us:
* Whenever we provide training, make sure we share our experience. For php -> How we implemented vedantatoday/nimitreading and other sites.
* Make sure to tell them how to work on problems -> Divide the big problem into small pieces, isolate the issue, finally find out root cause than resolve it
* Debugging -> Make sure to tell them how to debug any work what they do, what kind of debugging technique they can use.
* Life cycle approach –> Make sure to tell them how we gets requirement than we fix and test it
* Testing their own work -> A Good developer has to be a good tester.  developer has to test his own code because he knows better what he writes it. Its better to find his own bug rather some one point out.   DEVELOPER HAS TO THINK FOR EACH LINE OF CODE, HOW HE SHOULD TEST.
More later — Make sure we focus on these as group and provide quality training and quality work.

ACT Services by SNS

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ACT! by Sage, selling contact and customer manager, ACT! helps individuals and small business owners work more effectively. With ACT!, you can easily access a complete, integrated view of your contact relationships, impress contacts with your follow-up, leave no task undone, and make informed decisions to advance your business.

ACT have an own framework that is developed in .Net. and that support Microsoft Technology. SNS System Pvt. Ltd.(USA,India) contribute to ACt work. SNS System offer all implementation services. SNS System generated new utilities for ACT. Such as a ACT Calculator. SNS System developed a data translator for data transfer from ACT to any database.

MLM Software

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MLM Software

WHAT’S MLM–MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing and is also known as Network Marketing. A company is considered MLM where the products or services are distributed by independent contractors also known as distributors. These distributors are compensated based on their own sales as well as the sales of other distributors they have recruited and trained. The terms “multi level” and “network” come from this concept of recruiting and training a huge group of distributors (also known as a downline) as your own sales force within this company

WHY MLM COMPANIES ARE FAILING:- The problem for most mlm companies is that they don’t find the right MLM Software company, IT Companies that can fulfill there requirement for their desired MLM Software Solutions. As the SNS SYSTEM is the backbone of any MLM company, that’s why its very important to pick the right people and mlm software company for starting this MLM venture.


1.Multi level marketing software

2.MLM ERP software

3.MLM websites

4.MLM Business Plan
5.MLM promotions

Visit Us : Our MLM Product

SNS System

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SNS System Pvt. Ltd. (USA, India) is a leading solution provider for Internet based applications, that provides offshore software development, website design and e-business solutions to clients around the globe. Our extensive experience in building innovative and creative web-based applications allows us to provide you the best in services ( Web design, web applications, Graphic design, logo design, flash animations, application developments, e-business solutions and search engine optimization ) . We have outstanding talent to set your business on internet. We provide you the complete solution under one roof. We take the time to analysis and understand your requirement and suggest you the best possible solution. We help you in market and sell your products and services cost effectively.

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